Cappadocia is an ideal place to take a balloon-ride. Having spent a day or so, exploring the area at ground level, it is now time to see it from the air. Even if you dont believe in magic, come and join Dove on a balloon ride. We make an early start to be airborn by first lighet. With the brightness of dawn behind the eastern hills, the valleys are gloomy, the vineyards invisible and Uchisar castle lingers above like a forbidding giant, truncheon in hand, awaiting the rising sun, whose rays now ripple slowly through the valleys. The shadowed folds of tufa brighten to orange, yellow pink and blue. Our balloon enters a neighbouring valley and the doves surprised in their cotes by its passing shadow, decide to make an early start. As we rise the vine plantations become so many green splodges between crenelated walls. These run in all directions, sometimes opening into a clearing which we now recognise as Urgup*43 or Avanos. And you will think to yourself "it is a fairytale landscape" quite forgetting that you do not believe in magic! Balloon rides are run all through the year. Breakfast is served at take-off, and a bottle of champagne awaits you on landing.

There are daily tours that take in different parts of Cappadocia, including Central Cappadocia and the Open Air Museum of Göreme, the Ihlara Valley and Soğanlı region. To start off the day in a unique fashion, you may opt to take a hot air balloon flight at sunrise and glide over the breathtaking landscapes of Cappadocia. You can discover the valleys on foot by joining a trekking tour, or on horseback during a horse riding excursion. Please contact us for further information and reservations.

Cappadocia is an ideal place for trekking. Hikes range from a couple of hours to day long treks. At UFUK Pension we will be able to provide you with all the information you need on trekking in the area, including route descriptions and basic maps. A number of hikes depart from Göreme, making it the ideal place from where to start exploring the region on foot.

Cappadocia is a truly amazing place and we hope you will love it just as much as we do. When you arrive at the hotel our staff will be there to welcome you and provide you with all the necessary information on the region, and help you organize any activities that you would like to do. There are plenty of ways to pass time while visiting Cappadocia, such as hiking in the beautiful valleys, exploring the decorated Byzantine churches of the region, relaxing in the local hamam (Turkish bath), taking a hot air balloon ride at sunrise and visiting one of the local markets.

Cappadocia has a vibrant history and various kingdoms have left their traces: from archaeological finds dating back to the Hittite period and colourful Byzantine rock-cut churches, to underground settlements and awe-inspiring caravanserais.

The departure time is 9:30 AM as you will be picked up from your hotel, we visit Goreme Open Air Museum consisting of five Byzantine Orthodox churches.And visit Uchisar to take pictures of "The Castle" and sightseeing. A break for lunch in Goreme.You can enjoy Turkish cuisine in restaurant And visit Avanos which is famous for its potteries.You can see their demonstration and you can try to make it. After that a visit to the valley of fairy chimney,the name is Pasabagi.And then we seeCavusin (Rose Valley) which has amazing beautiful red rock formations.
Next is the Devrent Valley and Urgup afterwards. Following that a panoramic view point to observe the fairy chimneys and the incredible rock formations and unforgettable sights.
And we continue to Kaymakli Underground City which is the widest one in area.
The tour ends about 17:00 PM and transfer to hotel with unforgettable memories in your mind...

Pick up from hotel at 9:30 AM.
The tour begins with a visit to Goreme Panorama which is large panorama valley continuing to Uchisar.Still pigeons live in the holes of caves.Some part is called as Pigeon Valley.
And then visit the Nar Lake which is volcanic lake.
Then to the Ihlara Valley which is the largest, deepest and the longest canyon in Cappadocia. The valley is like a paradise with its beautiful nature and rocks.Some animals like sheep which belong to local people can be observed.We hike about 3km beside the river in Ihlara Valley.After hiking Lunch inBelisirma.And continue to Selime for taking pictures by the pinnacles where some of the filming of "Star wars" was located. Then we visit Guzelyurt which is home town of Gregorious of Nazianzus.We visitSt.Gregory church and Underground city of guzelyurt.Also there is Winery Gelveri.They make wine in jar.(Winery can be sometimes closed) Then drive back to hotel.

Walking is an adventure anywhere, but in Cappadocia it is extra exciting, there are several peaks to climb, and numberless inviting trails. Cappadocia is a paradise both for the stroller, and the ardent trekker.  We run walks of 7 day duration through the summer months and day walks on demand several times a week. These are grade A-B. Groups do not exceed 12 people, with a minimum of 5. Please contack us for our programmes. 

For the more experienced...

Erciyes, classical Mt. Argeus, rises straight uf dominating the Kayseri plain, seeming even higher then it is at 3917 metres. Erciyes is an extinct volcano with several secondary cones, and snow above 2500 metres all year round. We run 3 day treks to Erciyes. Please apply with your experience level, for us to arrange your trek programme. 

An easier mountain.....

Though a less majestic looking mountain than its relative to the north-west, Hasandag, at 3260 metres, holds more interest/-value for the walker. Dove runs an overnight excursion. DAY ONE. We leave the Dove Office in Göreme at 8 am. To travel to Ihlara. We walk the length of the canyon, pausing for a picnic lunch at Belisırma. Then continue to relax in a pension on the slopes of Mt. Hasan. We rise at midnight for the ascent, with the aid of the moon, or a torch! We watch the sunrise from the peak, and take a walk in the crater.....stil sofst ash. Our descent is by a more stony route to reach 2000 metres, where shepherd families invite us in for breakfast. The tree-line starts at 1500 metres. The antique city of Nora, and several other Roman settlements lie on our route. At base-camp, we partake of a trout lunch, fresh ut of the lake, to return to the Dove Office by 6 pm. 


Cappadocia is one of the best places in Turkey for horse-riding, and indeed the area was celebrated for its steadrs in Roman times. Our horses are half-bread Arabs, and tackle is French or Turkish. We run day trips, and also have a week-long riding programme. Please contact us for further details.         One of the best ways to get away from bustle of big cities and stress of work is to escape into the wilderness. This desire has caused the rapid development of a tourism known as nature tourism.